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Class Evaluation

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After attending any of the classes offered by The Better Companion, please fill out this evaluation form.

Help us improving with your suggestions, and give us your positive reinforcement for what you liked, so that we'll keep it that way.

Tell us your goals, so that we can help you reach them with our growing variety of classes.  THANK YOU!!

Name (first, last) 


Dog's Name


Have you attended every class?  

If not, how many classes did you miss?

About how many days a week did you train at home?

Do you think you received the necessary individual attention?  

Is this the type of training you expected?

Have you noticed improvement in your dog's behavior?  

Do you plan to continue your training with us?

Would you recommend these classes to others?

Are you interested in - showing your dog?  

- obedience titles?  

- agility?  

- others? Please specify:

For the following questions use this rating:
4-Very Good    3-Good    2-Fair    1-Poor

The instructor's preparation of the subject material for each class
1   4

The presentation of the subject matter
1   4

The general attitude of the instructor to the students

The attitude by those who helped with the class

The instructor's willingness to give individual help
3 4

The clarity with which the instructor presented the material

The degree to which you were motivated to train your dog

The extend to which you feel the class time was well spent

The instructor's ability to relate training to practical applications

The instructor's ability to answer questions not directly related to dog training

Please answer the following questions:
What is the greatest benefit you derived from these classes?

What did you like most about the training program?

Which was the most interesting exercise of the whole course?

Your dog's "Happy Tale" (e.g. a specific behavior ‘before and after class')?

Suggestions for improvement:
What was the least interesting exercise?

What was the least interesting part of the course?

List ways you feel instruction in this course could be improved

What is your overall impression of this course?
Excellent  Good   Fair  Poor

Comments, criticisms, suggestions:

We're looking for HAPPY TALES for our web page!
Please tell us if you agree to publish parts of this evaluation online.
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